One of those days

It's been one of those days.

Those completely random days, where I go from being awake to asleep, from hungry to full to hungry without eating, where I (for once) am a little more quiet and reserved around others, but get hyper and energetic once I'm alone.

I've been listening to a lot of new music lately. Not new in the necessarily sense that the music is new, but in the sense that it's new to me.

I've decided that while I really like college, I'm not so sure I like how I've just been holding back, in cases where before I would've been an energetic goofball. I don't know if it's just an intrinsic worry that people need to get slowly acclimated to me, or what, but I've been incredibly quiet and reserved, which just isn't me. I don't think I like it much, but I don't think I liked being "nuts" either.


I was proud of us for finishing that podcast, BTW. Even if we did get some weird comments. Terry sounds like someone's dad? Nexy sounds 12? I think the most accurate one was me being "bubbly".

I think we should definitely release some of those bloopers though. Maybe not some of the embarrasing ones, like "The Cat Song", but the munchkin can meet people... right?

Also, I think I have a dent in my head. Anyone want to check for me? I swear I feel one.

Oh, and no matter what Dave tells you, it's a sorceress, NOT a slutty witch T_T


Yay! I decided I really needed to catch up on all the Quote of the Day [QOTD]'s that I've missed by not always having a blag...\


Let's start with some of my favourites! [warning: Definitely not appropriate for all ages.]

Also, if you are part of the awesome chat group, you'll have seen most of them :P

Yes, I am screenshot addicted. Let's have a party!

I also desperately need a life. Did some drafting today after sleeping on the bus home from fall break.

Also, I felt pride that we actually got recorded this weekend - then realized that Terry STILL hasn't gotten started on editing *sigh*

Someday Somewhere

Once upon a time, there was a girl. The girl had a great many random friends, who were great lovers of blags. And so, eventually, long after the peak of blag mania, the girl decided to make one. Along the way, she encountered many trials and tribulations. There was a great deal of difficulty involved in choosing a URL for her blag-to-be, and she attempted to enlist the help of the DAVE. Sadly, he was rather useless, suggesting her name, her name-that-isn't, and then telling her to use "NameConfused". She was amused, yet remained unsatisfied. Finally, after testing many different combinations [and finding her favourites all taken], she decided to look into things that had left an impression on her. Thus, was born. "It's Only the Fairy Tale", from the epic series "My-HiME", as sung by Alyssa Searrs.

The blog was created, and the girl greatly pleased. Finally, somewhere to rant and rave at will, and to share a few choice gems from the epic amount of screenies taken during MSN chats. Somewhere to ramble, regardless of whether or not anyone actually READS the ramblings. Thus is the way of the wandering dreamer, who is currently bored as hell and not an ounce tired at nearly 2 am on a Sunday morning.

In short: It was time. I got a blag. Expect QOTD to come eventually. Screenies own your soul. And for god's sake, DON'T link it anywhere THEY will see. [and Terri_the_Girl will not come here. Period. If someone earns the right to hear it, they better be staff-worthy]

Much love, me.