A Short Treatise on Sleep

Actually, it's not a treatise, or a dissertation, or anything of the sort.

It is almost 2 am, and I'm not tired. I have to wake up in approximately 7 hours to go to class, which is much less sleep than I'd prefer. Last night, I got very few hours of sleep; the same the night before.

You'd think I'd learn, you really would.

Ah, well.


People are being loud, drunk , and annoying outside my room, and someone just tried coming in. WEIRD. Do Not Want. Locking the door now.

One of the boys was trying to enter the girls bathroom as I left earlier. It was kind of awkward. Too lazy to go to another floor to find the men's room, I suppose.

I'd complain to Makha, but she's apparently asleep and is at the other end of the hall. BLARGH.

Hm. Life.

I haven't posted in a while. Recently, I realized that when I'm laying in bed trying to fall asleep, all the great things come into my head, but if I actually got up to write them, I'd get distracted. When I actually DO go to write things, nothing good stays in my head. How depressing.

I'm eating Extra Cheddar Goldfish right now. I think I got a dud bag; they taste more... tasteless than usual. I wish I could just buy a bag of the cheddar dust and eat that. It'd be terrible for me.... but sooooo, soooo good. I'm also surrounded by boxes of gummies, puffcorn, popcorn, and other unhealthy items. If I had an actual kitchen, I think I would make real food. Instead, I went over to Cayla & Nicole's apartment in West Village today and Cayla and I made macaroni and cheese and watched movies. I saw "August Rush", and about half of "P.S. I Love You". Then Nicole and Amanda showed up and it became more of a gossip/chat-fest. I know what happened in the end of the second movie... but most of it is interspersed with random conversation about things like South Dakota and mothers. It was interesting x3

I actually have to go to my Religion Class tomorrow. Sadness. I skipped two classes in a row (shouldn't have done that, but the teacher's baby was soooo late), and then the baby came, so two more were cancelled... now I have class again. I wrote two (not-so-hot) papers really quickly, but I really didn't put my all into them... I just couldn't care. The class is interesting, but I'm not so interested that I WANT to research and write about it, like I do for History classes.

In Theatre... I suck at sound design. How depressing. So much of the electronics detail just goes in one ear, takes a detour around fluff central, hitches a ride on the mouse-express that runs through my head, and exits at the other ear, without leaving a drop of information behind. Hopefully I'll get paired with someone who DOES understand all this stuff for the recording project, or I'm royally screwed.

Intro to Design, meanwhile, is highly entertaining. I'm enjoying the drawing part a lot, and I really like how Holman doesn't just tell me something's wrong, fix it - he tells me what's wrong, shows me why it wouldn't work in a way that I'll be able to think of in the future, and gives an example of how it could be fixed. Then I get to go back to spending wayyy too much time drawing pretty sideboards before realizing this is the pre-vellum version and it's on the wrong side of the door.

That brings me to Newsies [connection to be explained]. <3 <3 <3 Newsies. Brief backstory: I have seen far too few movies. This is being rectified bit-by-bit. Therefore, I was over at the same apartment mentioned earlier to see some of them. We'd just finished Edward Scissorhands, and I'm looking to see what to watch next. I've heard of Newsies before, so I take a look at the VHS, and ask if it's any good. Nicole just LOOKS at me, and tells me to just be quiet and put it in. NOW. x3 I did, and ... Ah! Love <3 So I ordered the DVD & music book on Amazon, and then went into Intro early on Tuesday, popped it into my computer, and watched/listened while working on Front Elevations. Then Holman made me turn it off so we could actually pay attention in class x3

A few minutes ago, I realized what a horrible person I am. You know those really annoying alert things in Facebook, in the corner that SHOULD tell you birthdays in events? Well, I just got a suggestion, because "17 of your friends are fans of God!". I clicked the 'x' in the corner. When Olive Garden Breadsticks were suggested, however, I didn't hesitate. Now I want those. And mashed potatoes. GARLIC mashed potatoes. Yum.

Also, I have been looking at lots of cute things lately (what else is new?) with plenty of encouragement... so I felt the need to share some. I'll start with just one today...

The House of Mouse is an AMAZING little plushie-maker - all sorts of adorable mice dressed up as all sorts of things... my favourite is Ewok Mouse x3