Deviled Eggs: The Recipe

I'm not much of a cook. That isn't to say I'm bad, but I don't derive a particular joy from cooking, and thus don't have as much practice as some people. One thing I do enjoy making, though (and know I'm good at) is Deviled Eggs. They're hardly the most difficult thing to make, of course, but I've sooo many sets that were just... well, so-so or COMPLETELY overdone and overgarnished. I've also met a lot of people who love them and never learned to make them; I think that's ridiculous, since they're so easy!

So, for those of you who don't know, here's a simple guide to nice, creamy deviled eggs :D

Deviled Eggs Recipe of DOOM

You'll need:
Large Saucepan
Yellow Mustard
Dill Pickles
Cutting Board
Paprika (optional)
Mixing bowl
Plate (for eggs when done!)
Fork (to mix the eggs up ;D)
Sharp Knife (to cut them in half!)

I tend to start with 12 eggs, but since this isn't numbers-based, you can use however many you want. You'll want a large saucepan, filled more than halfway with water. Set it on the stove, and bring it to a boil.

After the water is boiling, you'll want to add your eggs. Dropping them in can crack the shells, so I usually put them in a large ladle and drop them in gently, two at a time. Once they're all in, set the timer for 20 minutes. Check the stove occasionally to make sure it's not going to boil over.

Once the 20 minutes are up, remove the pan from heat, and empty it into a strainer. Start running cold water over the eggs, rotating them occasionally so they all get hit. After a while (once the eggs are cool enough to handle), take one egg and start tapping it lightly (although hard enough to start cracks in the shell). I tend to roll the egg all around multiple times, squeezing gently, until I have the whole shell riddled with little cracks. Carefully peel the shell off the egg (it's easiest to start from the bottom, as there's a notable gap between the shell and the egg).

Now that you've got your eggs all peeled, put them on a cutting board on their sides (not on the flat bottom). Cut them all in half down the middle. Once they're cut, turn them upside down over the mixing bowl and put gentle pressure on the bottom so the yolk falls out (this should be easy most times). Occasionally you'll have an egg that tore somewhat; I generally try to halve it so the tear is on once side. Crumble the torn egg white up and add it to the yolk mix. Don't worry if none of your eggs tore :)

You should now have all your egg yolks in the mixing bowl. I find it's usually best to stir them up a bit with the fork, so they aren't TOO chunky when you add in the other incredients. They should be reasonably crumbled.

Once the yolks are all crumbled up, it's time to add your incredients! You'll add mayonaisse (NOT Miracle Whip), Mustard, and the juice (or "brine") from the pickle jar in small amounts at a time. (Proportionately, you'll usually add more of the mayo). Stir it, and taste test. You're making these for you, so it's important that YOU like them! A big thing with adding in small bits is that it's easy to tell what you're too heavy on, and what needs to balance it out. You don't want to completely eliminate the egg taste, though! I can't really give you measurements, since I never measure xD After a time or two, you should have the hang of the balance you like :)

Once you've got the taste down, give the mix another stir, so that it gets extra smooth and creamy. Then it's time to dish it into your egg whites! Scoop them full one at a time, and move them to your plate in a pretty little arrangement. After they're all on the plate, take your paprika (optional), and tap it lightly over some of the eggs (not everyone likes paprika, but I like the little bite it adds, as well as the visual appeal).

You're finished! If you're serving them right away, do so ;D If not, cover them with plastic wrap and put them in the fridge to chill. If you have extra yolk mix, it makes a great cracker dip ;D