Life After High School, Up 'Til Now (Abridged)

I make no attempts to deny it - in high school (and before), I was widely considered flat-out weird. That's not always a good thing (as much as I might appreciate it). I can't speak for others, so I don't know exactly what way they viewed me, but I'm fairly certain I was rather annoying.

A large part of that was probably due to me no longer caring - everyone was the same starting in 6th grade, and judgements were already made - and it didn't help that most were made before I was diagnosed with Aspergers' Syndrome and Clinical Depression. I've been on meds for years and years now, and obviously I've matured personally, but during those crucial years that was just another thing adding to the not-quite-right-ness of me in the eyes of the majority - and children are oh-so-quick to judge.

I've regretted it, of course - I can't begin to list the things I wish I'd done differently - but the past is the past. So going off to college, as I did in the fall of 2008, presented a whole new realm of possibilities.

I entered Drake as a Theatrical Technology and Design major (which I still am, and love!), and spent the first semester being more quiet, shy, and acquiescent than I had been ever before... and I was okay with that. Everybody there was new to me, and cool, and I really didn't want to start out with bad impressions. I tend to like most people (by most, I mean unless you give me a damn good reason, I'm not going to dislike you... but if I do, it's a serious dislike).

At some point, though, I began feeling more comfortable being me - especially as I got to know everyone in theatre better. It's a tight group, but one that's also very welcoming (although it is theatre - there's drama almost everywhere). I entered school happy with my choice (although Drake was not my original first choice), and I am absolutely confident that I chose the right place for me. By the end of my first year, I already knew how much I was going to miss the seniors, and how odd it would feel to no longer have everything how it was when I came. The Drake University Scene Shop Forewoman, Amy, was especially amazing - she kind of adopted me :) I've gotten to see her since (I flew down to Florida to visit over New Years!), and that's been awesome. Caitlin, the House Props Master from my freshman year, I've seen a few times as well (although not as often :().

I spent the first three weeks of summer after Freshman year taking interim classes with a few of my friends - Readings in Theatre and Stage Makeup. The rest of it I spent just kind of lazing - mostly because it was my last opportunity to do so. I got some little things done, took Theatre History online, and went to quite a few YMCA classes, but mostly it was a lazy summer - and I loved it. I hung out with Amy when she got back from working at the Utah Shakespeare Festival, I visited Ashley (a year above me and Amy's successor as Forewoman) in Wisconsin, and I went to my cabin for the first time in a few years! I'd been working both summers previous, so it was kind of weird being there (but fun).

Back to school in Fall 2009: I'm a sophomore, still taking mostly theatre classes (I got lucky with offerings, I have almost all my major classes done already), and living in a GIANT single dorm in Jewett Hall. The freshman class is much bigger than my class, which is good - and a bit weird. I'm now a T.A. in the Drake Scene Shop, and around mid-semester, I become the official House Props Master.... meaning I get shiny keys, and am in charge of general props stuff, helping the Props Masters for individual shows, etc. The year passes in an insane blur (I did go to USITT!), and suddenly it's summer again... which brings us to now.

I'm currently in Kent, Ohio, working at the Porthouse Theatre as Assistant Scenic Artist. I finished my last final, checked out, drove home, and spent one day there unpacking and repacking, before hopping on a 6am flight out to Ohio. Theatre check in happens pretty much when I arrive, and the next day, bright and early (really early - it's a different time zone!) I'm off to work. 9-5, Monday-Friday (although hours can easily be extended)... which really isn't bad at all for a summer theatre job. I spend my days doing a lot of painting (with Tiffany, the Charge Artist, and Renee, the Scenic Artist), and, currently, a LOT of work with foam @_@. We spent a week in a hotel while the apartments were refurbished, and then were moved in to four person 2-bed one-bath apartments. Mine, however, now has three people. Last week, while working with the table saw, something happened that caught one of Jess's fingers in the table saw, and sliced it almost all the way through, barely missing the second artery. No one witnessed, and Jess is too drugged up to remember, but she'd gotten her wood all the way through and used the push-stick, so it's very confusing. Since Tiffany and her roommates have cars (and had a spare bed), and were at the hospital, she's now moved over there.

And that's a concise version of my life up until now! (I'm also writing a fantasy novel... but will it ever get finished?)

Some random artworks I've done since high-school... (Drawings, jewelry-making, felts, etc.!)

Necklace I designed and made :D

Needle felted Piglet!

Self-portrait of a sort... I used it on my door in the dorms.

A watercolour piece based on a photo from the makeup final projects of two of my friends ;)

I might post more later when I get them xD I've done a lot digitally, too...

Love, Me :D


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