The Boredom of Meh

I'm sitting in the booth.

I'm bored.

Show is about to start.

Like 10 people in the audience.

I want pizza ;_; I'm soo hungry; haven't eaten yet today (was my own fault, I know)

Maybe I'll walk to Paul Revere's and get some food between shows.

I'm so ready for Christmas break. My cousin called this morning; my g-parents are in town for the weekend and they were wondering if I was free. I wish I was :( I might get breakfast with everyone tomorrow, which would be exciting. My cousin has a new baby boy who I STILL haven't met :(

wow, 2 minutes to show and the audience doubled xD

I'm so behind on everything because of this show. I love working in shows, but even though I have my computer, I don't have my tablet and such, so I can't do my normal focus on 20-things at once. I have 2 papers to write, one to re-do, a bibliography for a final, an extra-credit bibliography, content approvals, a game to test and review, a layout to make (I'm a week behind, I'm a horrible council member), a drafting project, a drafting FINAL, a project in stagecraft to make up (I swear, that stupid girl needs to show up when she says she will next time or I'll FLIP). I also have an acting final coming up I need to finish memorizing my script for and work with my scene partner on, a presentation on tuesday... and I also desperately need to clean my room. Meanwhile, I have a pile of things I WANT to do that I can't because I don't have time ;_; Sad day.