50 Things

I've been wanting to do this for a while...

So, here's 50 random things you might not have known about me :O (In no particular order)

1. My middle name, Dawn, was chosen by my mother's older sister. It's the feminine version of Don, which was their father's middle name, but also the name he went by (his first name was Delmar - I don't blame him), as well as the middle name of my cousin. For some reason, no one thought about this until after they'd chosen it.
2. The creatures I despise above all others are humans.
3. The first manga I ever read was Sailor Moon. (No, wait, I lied. It doesn't really count, but I read a pokémon comic in elementary school that I didn't realize was manga at the time).
4. I'm addicted to online shopping. Luckily, I'm usually able to stop short of actually purchasing something...
5. I have the inability to be funny on purpose. If I'm funny, it's spontaneous or unintentional.
6. I cannot take a bath without having something with me to read, or a game boy to play.
7. I read "People" magazine every week, catching up on the details of lives of famous people I really don't care about. I'm not sure why.
8. I was grounded from books when I was little, rather than T.V. or game systems.
9. My favourite fictional character of all time is Rogue, from the X-Men.
10. If something can get lost, I will lose it, in an inordinately short amount of time. Generally, it's somewhere obvious.
11. I have a habit of killing electronics accidentally. My Gameboy Advance SP was dropped into a lake while stepping off the boat and onto the dock. Luckily, the game was safe (although the actual gameboy was not).
12. I refuse to acknowledge the epilogue of Harry Potter as canon.
13. Speaking of Harry Potter, I found this author's retelling of the story superior to the original in every way. Read her work. NOW.
14. The only time I've ever used a lawnmower was when I used the riding one to haul our trailer up a hill.
15. I've never been able to cry when real people die, but when fictional characters do, I sob like no other.
16. I've always wanted to talk to animals (who doesn't?), but sometimes I feel like it'd be nice just so I'd finally be able to become a vegetarian. I've always lacked the motivation due to my supreme love of meat.
17. I love stuff, in general. Material things make me happy. They don't have to serve any purpose, but little statues, pretty things, books... just having them makes me happy.
18. If I get on a website like T.V. Tropes, Cracked, or Wikipedia, I'll spend hours upon hours on them, from starting on one single page. I end up opening new tabs every time something looks interesting.
19. My dream is to become a Disney Imagineer.
20. I have so many things I want to do (just regular things, not big lifelong goals), but I almost never get around to them, due to how easily distracted I am (and my terrible sense of time).
21. I have to stop writing this right now, and go to bed, because doing this is making me think of all the things I need to get done, but are kind of hard to do at 2:20 in the morning, when your family is asleep. I get mad at myself for not getting things done I really need to - like watering the plants, cleaning the litterbox, setting up a doctor's appointment, emailing a web page code... okay, I really need to leave for now.
22. I was addicted to Flaming Hot Cheetohs for years; that only ended when I had too many of them my first semester of college.
23. My lucky number is 23 - and not only because I was born on July 23rd. It's been extraordinarily lucky for me throughout my life.
24. I stopped caring what people thought of me during high school, because everyone had their opinions already. I got to college, and realized that it was so much more real for me to get along with everyone, and be easygoing. I wish I would've tried harder in high school, sometimes.
25. I love learning random things about different people I know :) It doesn't have to be relevant to anything, I just like knowing things about you! (In a totally non-creepy way)
26. I started this months ago, and am just now continuing... I'm too lazy to look back, so hopefully repeats won't happen xD
27. I really should be paying attention in Astronomy class right now, but... I'm not.
28. My laptop has a cool cover :) It's a Wyland piece, all happy and underwater and dolphins... I enjoy it.
29. I'm big on animal-rights and preventing animal cruelty. Don't go to a pet store, go to a shelter! You can find virtually ANY kind of rescued pet (including purebreds!) on Petfinder!
30. The titles of the folders on my computer (at least the desktop portion) make no sense to anyone but me... because they have little to no relevance to the contents xD
31. People who form opinions and make statements about things they don't know anything about piss me the hell off.
32. If I can't stand a writer's style, I simply will not read their work, regardless of why I'm supposed to. For this reason, I'll never complete Frankenstein, Twilight, anything by Dan Brown, etc. I find all the writing to be absolutely horrid and unreadable.
33. I love looking at stars, and things in space, but the thought of ever being out there terrifies me to no end.
34. I have Automatonophobia- Fear of ventriloquist's dummies, animatronic creatures, wax statues - anything that falsly represents a sentient being. This also includes creepy mannequins in museums ;_; And, sometimes, old dolls.
35. I have my dream house planned out in my head, and have for several years. Naturally, it includes a large library.
36. I get depressed on occasion (and do have clinical depression), but I've never understood why someone would want to end their own life simply because things aren't going well. I guess I always believe in a better tomorrow, so it's never come to something like that for me. That said, there are definitely extreme cases where I do understand why people would make that choice.
37. When authors specifically make sure that every person in their book is neatly paired off in the end, it really bothers me. I mean, it may make sense in a long-running series, but when it's just one or two books, and everyone has happened to end up with another character? That's pushing it.
38. I might laugh at all the jokes in a comedy movie, but I still don't like them. Or bloody violent horror flicks.
39. Meanwhile, I can't watch psychological horror/thrillers, but for some reason I've still found myself awake until 3 a.m. reading summaries of classic films in this genre that I'll never watch (aka Alfred Hitchcock), and then kick myself later... I can't fall asleep with all the creepy in my head!
40. I want a Giant Rubber Duckie for Christmas. Or my birthday. Or anytime really... please? :D
41. One of my strongest traits is my sense of justice. If I feel something is unjust, I tend to over-react or get majorly pissed off for what other people may see as no reason.
42. Everyone should watch This Video... as long as you don't hate animals.
43. Actually, you should all watch This Video too... and this one... and this one... and why not try this as well?
44. I absolutely adore well-made music videos; usually of the fan variety ;) It's fun to see mesh-ups, and some of the makers are REALLY good :O
45. I have an obsession with cute things. Did you not know that? Then why the heck are you even here? xD
46. I don't have a T.V in my room, and it's probably a good thing - I've recently fallen in love with GLEE and Project Runway, in addition to already loving Dollhouse, so easy access would probably lead to more tv and less life xD
47. I can sleep forever, and get tired easily, but I for some reason I have problems falling asleep in the first place, no matter how tired I am.
48. When I get a video game, rather than racing through it, I make a point of taking it slow so that it lasts and I can have the full experience :D Unfortunately, this also means I may spend days in a row doing nothing else, and yet still making very little progress.
49. I used to wear a watch every day; since it got covered with paint, I've bought a new one, discovered that it obviously has issues, and keep asking everyone for the time when it really doesn't seem to matter.
50. I don't know if anyone will actually read this, but it's been therapeutic xD